Why we do it

We believe the way to create sustainable value is by investing in what’s important: our businesses, people and communities.

Outlier global headquarters
Passport Health First Office
Est. 1994| Baltimore, MD

We believe in building niche leaders. We buy, start and grow businesses with defensible market positions, staying ahead of the industry through creative thinking and investment in new opportunities. Our focus on operational efficiencies allows us to grow each business’s bottom line through optimization without the pressure of heavy outside investment. We plan to fuel our growth by finding more niche opportunities while keeping and continuing to grow our current market-leading businesses.

We believe success should be shared. We are very fortunate in our success as an organization. We want that impact to extend beyond our walls, helping accelerate the efforts of those focused on making a difference. We are proud to support the following partners as they work to change lives and do good.

Autism Speaks

Arizona Science Center

Nature Conservancy

Mollen Foundation


The Safe Project

Sun Valley Center for the Arts

Before 16

American Red Cross

United Way

Vida Valiente Foundation