What we do

We are one of the largest private companies in the US, but likely different than you’ve seen before. We buy and grow businesses that are leaders in their niches. We also start our own businesses when we see an opportunity we can’t take advantage of through acquisition. Our businesses span numerous industries with a team of over 12,000 driving $1B in revenue. Yet despite our scale, we remain flat and nimble.

Annual Revenue
Outlier global headquarters, Fall/Winter 2019
Outlier Global Headquarters | Phoenix, AZ | 165k sqft | FALL/WINTER 2019

We blend art and science. Great vision sets strategy. The right metrics drive performance. We believe great organizations have both. Our businesses are driven by visionary goals focused on marketing leadership and steered by data, enabling us to measure progress, pivot when necessary, and identify opportunities for growth.

Our Businesses

Founded in 1994, Passport Health is the largest provider of travel medicine and immunization services, with over 270 clinics and a dedicated team of highly trained nurses who are travel wellness experts.

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Realty Executives

Founded in 1965, Realty Executives International is one of the largest global real estate franchise systems with 8,000 top-performing real estate professionals and 500 offices worldwide.

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Pump it up

Since 2000, Pump It Up is the largest provider of private kids’ parties, celebrating birthdays with over three million kids across its 120+ US locations.

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Bounce u

Since 2003, BounceU has focused on delivering the best birthday parties on the planet, offering 100% private parties that include huge inflatable indoor playgrounds and party rooms across its 40+ locations US locations.

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inDispense is a remote kiosk designed to provide patients access to prescription medications in real-time in the doctor’s office, at work, in the airport and at retail by connecting them with dispensing agents via video conferencing and dispensing medication on-the-spot.


Established in 1978, Anmark is the global leader in the engineering, manufacturing, testing, repair and certification of Curvic couplings supporting the aerospace industry.

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Anmark Technologies

Established in 2015, Anmark Technologies is one of the only companies worldwide with the depth-of-knowledge required to build the manufacturing equipment to create Curvic couplings.

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Atlas packs

Atlas Packs is a revolutionary new line of camera backpacks with the distinction as the only bags on the market to accommodate all the equipment of an outdoor photographer while providing significant space for outdoor gear.

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