Lauren Tebbenhoff

President | Pump It Up & BounceU


Lauren Tebbenhoff

Lauren Tebbenhoff is a classic example of what we look for in an Outlier.  In 2008, she was working as a part-time team member at a Pump It Up location in Virginia. Today, you will find her guiding the strategic operational direction of over 150 stores as the President of Pump It Up and BounceU.

This fast track was facilitated by Lauren’s incredible ability to lead and inspire her people while having her feet firmly planted in operational pragmatism. She has a passion for team development as well as creating and implementing processes to improve operational efficiencies and grow revenues and profits.

In addition to Lauren’s experience in family entertainment, Lauren worked as a consultant in the supplemental education industry, partnering with franchisees around the country to create strategic action plans to improve key business metrics, optimize operations, and achieve double-digit growth.

While working as a part-time Pump It Up employee and Corporate Trainer for the home office, Lauren earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from James Madison University. Besides partying at Pump It Up and BounceU, Lauren is an avid runner, animal lover, and a proud mom.