Passport Health Grows By 200% Under Leadership of Chair David Tedesco

SCOTTSDALE, AZ ( November 13, 2018 ) – Passport Health, the largest provider of travel medicine across North America, announced today an over 200 percent growth in corporate footprint over the past five years. Nearly corporate 80 locations have opened since the start of David Tedesco’s time with the organization.

“When I came on board in 2010, there were very few corporate clinic locations,” said Mr. Tedesco. “Since then, we’ve worked hard on growing the business. We’ve brought people on board to help with marketing, patient care, every part of the consumer and corporate experience. It has lead us to where we are today.”

Started over 20 years ago in Baltimore, MD by Fran Lessans, Passport Health became a franchise organization spanning most the of the United States. When he became chairman, Mr. Tedesco made expansion a top priority.

“The United States is only one part of the world, and data shows Americans don’t travel quite as much as people in other countries. We saw Canada and Mexico as big opportunities for us where we could recreate the amazing work that has been done stateside.”

Passport Health’s corporate group has over 30 clinics outside the United States providing travel health, corporate wellness and other key services to their communities.

“For me, travel health is key. But, growing the business has always been about more than that. We educate, we vaccinate, we help protect people, communities, businesses.” said Mr. Tedesco. “We’ve built the corporate side of the company to do these things more efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re a traveler or a business, Passport Health is built to help you.”

Employees see Mr. Tedesco as an integral part of Passport Health’s growth and positive changes during his tenure. “We’ve taken a very data-driven approach that doesn’t forget that we’re serving people,” said Paul Fishburn, chief operating officer for Passport Health. “I think that’s one thing David has really shown us. That we can tailor what we do to our clients through numbers, but without them just becoming raw data.”

Mr. Tedesco and Passport Health hope to see continued growth into the future with potential expansion into new areas and services.

About David Tedesco
David Tedesco is the founder, Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer of True North Companies, an international organization focused on building, acquiring and growing breakthrough brands. True North has companies across multiple industries including healthcare, real estate, entertainment, consumer durables and aerospace, with a particular specialty in building franchise organizations, including Passport Health. He has overall responsibility for the firm’s strategic direction and is focused on deal origination, underwriting, deal execution, and portfolio management.

About Passport Health
Passport Health is the largest and leading provider of travel medicine and vaccination services in the North America. With over 250 clinic locations, more than 20 years of experience, a commitment to first class medical care, and rigorously trained medical staff, Passport Health sets the immunization industry standard. Passport Health’s core services have grown from travel medicine to include passport and visa services, onsite flu clinics, specialty physical exams, routine immunizations, and vaccination record management for the public and private sector.