PHOENIX, AZ –  Passport Health, the world’s largest provider of travel medicine and corporate wellness solutions, has redirected nurses and supplies nationwide to protect workers amidst the novel coronavirus outbreak. To help combat the highly contagious virus, Passport Health is offering onsite temperature screening in its hometown of Phoenix, Arizona and throughout the United States. 


The primary interest of the many essential businesses operating during the COVID-19 pandemic is screening their employees as they report for work. This helps to ensure the safest work environment for workers and customers of these businesses. Throughout the US, dozens of businesses large and small have reached out to Passport Health for the screening service in just the past couple of weeks. Given the enormous need, further spurred by new, COVID-19 specific OSHA guidelines for preparing a workplace, Passport Health is now offering these services for businesses beyond its existing base of thousands of business customers. 


Passport Health is offering employers an affordable solution that protects their employees while at work. With onsite temperature screenings, employees showing signs of illness are immediately stopped from potentially infecting coworkers and their place of business. Passport Health’s onsite COVID-19 Services include temperature screenings, all administered following EEOC and CDC guidelines, and a medical questionnaire to identify any employees experiencing symptoms of the virus. 


Passport Health’s medical staff is trained to respond to global disasters. It has responded to prior national and international emergencies including the 2001 anthrax attacks, SARS, H1N1, hurricanes and more. Chairman David Tedesco wants to reassure that this service is not only for essential businesses, but will also be made available to all companies as isolation measures are lifted.


“We not only want to provide a safe environment for the essential workers today, but also for all who will return to work once case numbers begin to drop.” Tedesco said. “Eventually, our lives will return to normal, and our mission is to continue to protect and educate our communities long after this virus dissipates.”


The onsite screening services have launched nationwide, supported by Passport Health’s extensive clinic network, with plans to expand the onsite service to Canada. All of the North American services will be supported by Passport Health’s extensive network of 300 travel clinics.


About Passport Health

Passport Health is the largest provider of travel medicine and immunization services, with over 300 clinics and a dedicated team of highly trained nurses who are travel wellness experts. With more than 25 years of experience, a commitment to first-class medical care, and rigorously trained medical staff, Passport Health sets the immunization industry standard.  Passport Health’s core services have grown from travel medicine to include passport and visa services, on-site flu clinics, specialty physical exams, routine immunizations, and vaccination record management for the public and private sector. Passport Health is an Outlier company.